2019 was a great challenge for me. despite to earn what I have done was to be less. These are the things I have done:

  1. Personal health: From several times in the hospital, I got Zero and Zero tablets of medicine. to achieve this I have engaged myself with sport and physical training, I join a bicycle team, playing football, and running, etc.

  2. Less plastic: Owning a bottle and bringing it everywhere I go. Trying to say no when buying some stuff in the market. Stop owning a vehicle since 15 March 2019 owning a bike instead(still miss the off-road with my bike motorbike haha).

  3. Sleep: I've slept less by understanding the restfulness of my body gives me enough time to rest instead of sleeping.

  4. Food: Understand my body type and what food does its needs. eating less but fulfilled the need of the body. For coffee and energy drink cutting close to zero.

  5. Speak: Not to response immediately try to listen more and understand the speaker thought (maybe sometimes I talk more but less if compared to last year loz).

I hope whoever reads this not think about my boastful healthy record. but the secret of living a healthy is not the amount of what you trying to fill in. What I want to share is instead of looking for more things to come in life may be there things that should have to cut off.